Every other LiveCD I have used (Ubuntu Dapper->Feisty) has worked perfectly fine. But using both Ubuntu Gutsy and Mint 4.0 has failed to work. Every time I try to load, I get sent to the busybox terminal. After removing the splash, I see errors with fd0. Here's what I've tried so far:

the modprobe piix option in busybox ("piix not found")
removing "quiet --splash" and adding "all generic_ide irqpoll"
disabling my floppy in BIOS (which I never use anyway), both with normal boot options, and with "all generic_ide irqpoll"

All give me the same problems.

I'm absolutely frustrated. I'm trying to get away from Ubuntu Hardy, and am now starting to think it wasn't so bad after all (After having MASS problems with BSD, then being unable to boot into LiveCD on either Ubuntu Gutsy or Mint 4.0).

Someone PLEASE help me.