I have my 19" LCD monitor and a 27" LCD HDTV

The resolution for my monitor is 1440x900 and my tvs resolution is 1360x768 at 60hz.

I am using the proprietary nvidia driver and have run into a few problems.

1) whenever I plug the tv in it shows up as an analog monitor. I do not know why because its a digital tv. The max resolution it will allow me to set is 680x400.

2)if the tv is plugged in when I boot the computer then it becomes screen0 no matter what my previous settings were. This combined with the awful resolution keeps me from being able to actually change anything. I have tried using the nvidia-settings after I have the tv plugged in but I can not click on anything because everything is too large. Instead of clicking on the buttons the window manager takes the action of moving the view to where I clicked.

So basically what I would really love to have happen is that my screen0 always remains my 19" monitor no matter what, and that I can have screen1 be displaying at 1360x768 resolution.

Is this possible?

The most important thing is having screen0 be my monitor.