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    Article Ideas

    I have some article ideas that I think would be the perfect kind of content for Full Circle, but I have absolutely no time to write them as I am at school. If anyone is looking for ideas, here ya go.

    1) NoNetDebs (site of the month)
    NoNetDebs is a site that allows you to upgrade your Ubuntu installation if you don't have an internet connection. What you do is copy a file to a usb stick, upload that file to this site, select your repositories, and then download all the packages that have been updated, ready to transfer over to your internet-less computer. epimeteo on the forums maintains the site: you could probably ask him any questions you have (interview possibility?). The only issue that I have had is explained here.

    2) bash.bashrc (how-to)
    (Forum thread here) This is one of those cool tricks that only the veteran/savvy linux users know about, but is immensely useful. I don't know how much time it has saved me using an alias to type "clean" for 'sudo apt-get clean', similarly for 'install' and 'remove'. I think that every Ubuntu user should know how to speed up and customize their terminal usage, even if the current trend is towards gui.

    3) Steganography (misc. cool stuff)
    The only thread I could find on steganography was my own, here. Steganography is the process of hiding a file inside another file, while leaving the original file intact as to completely wipe all traces of the hidden one. This is a very secure way of keeping files secret (like a list of passwords), as a snoop would have no idea that the file was inside another. Even then, they could require a password to unlock the hidden file! One of the best ideas I've seen is keeping the hidden file in an image - that you keep as your desktop background! More info on steganography here.
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