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Thread: I prefer to quit!

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    Angry I prefer to quit!

    HARDY HERON? UBUNTU? I prefer to quit!
    Hi, I have been using Xubuntu and its Derivates for two years now and despite of crashing my configuration by every second update I really liked it. But enough is enough. Under Hardy Heron it is impossible to install the Nvidia-Drivers (Geforce2 MX 400), I am unable mounting USB-Sticks or MP3-Players, Kaffeine can´t play DVB-T and so on....
    Life is to short, wasting my time for useless editing conf.´s...
    Thanks for the friendly community anyway!!!
    Hello Fedora! Hello Linux Mint! Hello PClinuxos! Hello Simply Mepis!
    Give it a try...
    Bye, bye Mike.
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    Re: I prefer to quit!

    You should not give up. Try Envy (Link Below). Worked for my Nvidia card and should work for yours too. Pick the correct Envy Version for your card.


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