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Thread: [SOLVED] Dovecot POP3 authentication

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    [SOLVED] Dovecot POP3 authentication

    I'm feeling pretty stuck, I have setup ubuntu with LAMP using postfix and dovecot for the mail services. I can't get the pop3 server to authenticate me in my mail.log during dovecot startup I noticed I get:

    Apr 30 20:28:11 Pserver dovecot: Dovecot v1.0.5 starting up
    Apr 30 20:28:11 Pserver dovecot: auth(default): APOP mechanism can't be supported with given passdbs
    Apr 30 20:28:11 Pserver dovecot: Auth process died too early - shutting down
    Apr 30 20:28:11 Pserver dovecot: child 5604 (auth) returned error 89

    I used the guide at to help get me going as I am pretty new to linux.
    my dovecot.conf files segment that has auth default looks like this:

    auth default {
    mechanisms = plain login
    passdb passwd {
    userdb passwd {
    socket listen {
    client {
    path =/var/spool/postfix/private/auth
    mode = 0660
    user = postfix
    group = postfix

    I understand that it isn't seeing a password file to authenticate users against? first, am I right? second.. I'm kinda lost on how to fix it. a little nudge in the right direction should help me get it going

    thanks everyone

    edit- totally forgot about this posting.. fixed it but dont' remember how.. sorry
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