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Thread: [SOLVED] Update Manager wouln't leave me alone!

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    Question [SOLVED] Update Manager wouln't leave me alone!

    Is there anyway to get Update Manager to ignore specific outdated packages? For example, throughout 7.10 I always had an obsolete ZSnes installed, because the new version doesn't support networked play... My internet connection is incredibly slow (and about to get slower!) so I don't even know why I let it bother me, but it does, so I keep it. Now, I forsee not only having the obsolete ZSnes, but also an obsolete Xfce CPUGraph!

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    Re: Update Manager wouln't leave me alone!

    System->Admin->Synaptic Package Manager

    In the list, select your app (i.e. ZSnes).

    With the app selected, from the top menu, press Package->Lock Version

    et voila! Update Manager will leave you alone
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