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Thread: system tray doesn't appear

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    Exclamation system tray doesn't appear

    hello everybody
    i have installed kubuntu 8.04
    everythiung is fine, but i have an annoying problem:
    the system tray is empty when i enter in my kde session. if i close the session and i reopen it, then it shows all icons that should be there, like battery, klipper, updates and so on.

    i have compiz-fusion, some screenlets and nothing more at boot.
    also if i disable screenlets i have the same problem
    without compiz seems to work fine

    does anybody has an idea? to fix it

    i've tried to start screenlets and fusion icon with a script in the autorun folder with a delay of 15 seconds. but nothing

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    Re: system tray doesn't appear

    Do you have KDE4 or KDE3?
    I do not use Ubuntu any more, nor have I ever used Gnome. Therefore, I tend to give advice that is distro- and DE-agnostic, which, while perhaps not the easiest way, will allow you to move freely between machines.

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    Re: system tray doesn't appear

    Quote Originally Posted by Xiong Chiamiov View Post
    Do you have KDE4 or KDE3?
    I'll reply since I'm having the exact same problem. I am running KDE3 cause I cant stand 4s new desktop. Although I do have one icon in my system tray, the Volume control, but nothing else. Even though the processes are clearly running...


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