Hardy ubuntu 8.04 Base crashes ! on Dell D505 laptop . Originally posted in General Help forum 2 days ago and 0 replies.
While running 8.04 vsn of openoffice.org Base in process of creating a db the computer froze; could move the mouse but cursor was an open hand. Neither mouse button nor any other keys functioned. I tried repeatedly ctrl-alt-delete with no effect. I understand this combination should shutdown and reboot the computer. I could not turn off my Dell D505 laptop. When I closed the lid and now reopened it the screen was blank except for the open mouse hand which was now stationary. By holding down the Fn key and the power button I was able to turn off the computer. Pressing the power button now turned on the computer and Hardy booted normally. My question is what caused the system to freeze? Is Base suspect? Is ctrl-alt-del a valid reboot sequence? Two of my Linux books say yes.