With great anticipation I loaded up Hardy Heron and was ecstatic to see it picked up my 1440x900 laptop panel (No more messing around with 915resolution) and it picked up the wireless card and openoffice translated my ppt's without any problems - my life was sorted.

I take the laptop into work attach my second monitor and it detected it and offered me the screen resolution app to set the resolution of each device - and thats when things went horribly wrong. I cant get an extended desktop at two different resolutions (it always shows the single desktop and cant do the two resolutions correctly). I find hundreds of web sites saying use this, change that run xrandr, edit xorg.conf are you using xzy etc etc. Why should I have to do all that - Windows does this perfectly - why, after so many years cant this be done in Linux/Ubuntu.

I have a Dell Latitude D620 with the Intel 945 graphics - has anyone managed to get dual monitor working properly (with extended rather than cloned desktop) with the 1440x900 panel and a 1280x1024 digital/analog lcd monitor. If so can you explain in easy terms how you did this.

Surely dual monitor support shouldn't be this hard (after all my XP laptop does it without a hitch)

Any help appreciated

Mr Disappointed