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Thread: changing from 20gb to 130gb partition

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    changing from 20gb to 130gb partition

    i have ubuntu installed on a 20gb partition, with 160gb in there a way to, say, stretch the 20gb partition to be the whole 160gb?

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    Re: changing from 20gb to 130gb partition

    Actually there is. Just insert the live cd (so that you can unmount your root partition)and reboot. Then open partition editor in system > administration

    If there are some other operating systems installe and you dont want then just delete those partitions so that it gets converted into unallocated space(free).

    Now you select your ubuntu partition and click on the resize/move option and bingo you can stretch it to the maximum you can..
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    Re: changing from 20gb to 130gb partition

    yeh, just remember if possible to backup your data.
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    Re: changing from 20gb to 130gb partition

    Wow 8.04 ubuntu implemented a lot of nifty extra features on those live cds. I used to have a separate cd for debugging hard drive issues and backing up data.


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