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Thread: Podcast setup that works

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    Talking Podcast setup that works

    This works for me:

    Dell Inspiron 530 with Ubuntu Linux 7.10 pre-installed - 1 Gb RAM

    Behringer Podcast Studio - USB Version
    • High-resolution 2 In / 2 Out USB audio interface with plug-and-play for Windows XP and Mac OS X operating systems
    • Studio-class 5-input 2-bus mixer with premium mic preamp and 2-band "British" EQ
    • Dynamic broadcast-style microphone with 2-stage pop filter
    • High-performance studio headphones with ultra-wide frequency response
    • Table microphone stand, XLR microphone cable and 2 stereo RCA cables

    Audacity Sound Editor

    However, it DIDN'T work until I plugged the UCAR200 USB device into the USB port on the BACK of the computer. It did NOT work from the front USB ports or from a USB port replicator.

    I am VERY impressed with how well it works (now). Of course, I'm not an audio engineer, either.

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    Re: Podcast setup that works

    I've noticed that many devices (card readers, thumb drives, etc.) do not always work on the front USB ports of Dells. I beleive these are extensions, and may not be powered or under powered. But the back USB ports always work.

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    Re: Podcast setup that works

    i also assembled a lot of pcs for friends of family, and in 100% of all cases the front usb did never work, for what reason ever

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