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Thread: Oregon here requesting YASF (YetAnotherSubForum)

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    Oregon here requesting YASF (YetAnotherSubForum)

    1. Please make sure your project is listed on the LoCo team wiki here:

    2. What subdomain prefix do you want. example: (
    hmm... after much thought and consultation, we decided on

    3. What is your LoCo team name
    Oregon Team

    4. The forum user(s) (max 2) who will be the moderator for your forum
    just me (H264) and tgm4883

    5. Please make sure you are the registered contact person for this LoCo Team as per the listing on the wiki page
    *double checks* yeah, at least thats my name.

    Thanks for your consideration
    You can fix anything with a screwdriver and a bigger hammer.

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    Re: Oregon here requesting YASF (YetAnotherSubForum)

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