I have ubuntu 8.04 and I'm getting this error when trying to start my Start-up Manager in my system->Administration->Start-Up Manager . I get this error:

"Your grub configuration file lack the line "### END DEBIAN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST".
You have probably hand-edited the configuration file.

Choose "yes" to have the file auto-generated. This means that any custom boot options will be lost.
If you only have one operating system installed and you do not know what I am talking about, it should be safe to answer "yes".

Otherwise, choose "no". That will stop this program.
It is however recommended to look into this, since system upgrades could also rewrite the configuration file."

I ignored it and clicked YES. I tried to edit the pixels and get a new splash I downloaded into there, but when I rebooted I get error messages and text instead of the splash. How do I fix this error message? And if I do, will the splash image and boot image that I'll custom load will it work after that?