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Thread: cd-rom stopped working suddenly

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    cd-rom stopped working suddenly

    Hi everyone,

    I've been Ubuntu user for a while, and I rarely had any problems, but today all of the sudden the cd-rom stopped working. It's been working before, and even yesterday (I know as didn't take out a cd for a while and cdrom always ran it in different circumstances).
    When i replaced a cd, cdrom "tried" to read it but somehow could not and there's coming out a "trying" sound when I put in any cd, but none of them succeed. There's no problems with cds as i used them all recently.
    Moreover, when i put an any OS-cd into the tray at the start, it doesn't run as well.

    I'm not sure what can be going on, and i need help.

    Thank you for all the input,

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    Re: cd-rom stopped working suddenly

    if you try to boot up and it doesnt work its probably a hardware failure, you can check the connections inside your computer maybe its a bad cable.


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