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Thread: Boot freezes w/o ac adapter

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    Boot freezes w/o ac adapter


    I have a crazy problem. I just updated my sisters laptop to hardy. Its your run-of-the-mill 32bit toshiba satellite laptop. (Satellite L35 - S2366)

    Basically, when the ac adapter is not plugged in, ie battery power, the laptop freezes at boot. It gets to the grub menu, kernel seems to be loading, and it freezes with the message on the screen:

    Starting up...
    Loading, please wait...

    Or sometimes it gets to the splash screen, and then goes to this black screen and freezes with this message:

    * Reading files needed to boot... [ OK ]
    * Preparing restricted drivers... [ OK ]
    * Setting the system clock
    * Starting basic networking...

    It always freezes with one of those messages, unless its on ac power. I tried adding noapic to the kernel options but that seemed to make the kernel unbootable even with the ac adapter plugged in.

    Any idea? Any more kernel options to try?
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