I am on a Dell Precision M65, fresh install of Hardy using Wubi, everything works great, except for suspend. Suspend always works properly, however resuming has issues. It seems very random, sometimes i will attempt to resume and get the unlock screen and everything works just fine. Other times i would get a blank, light brown colored screen, with the mouse pointer on it and nothing else. I can move the mouse. I figured out that if i type in my password and hit enter, it DOES work and it does unlock the computer and everything works fine.

So only *sometimes* the unlock dialog will not display, and there is a brown background, but it still works as if the dialog was there.

Other times, the screen shows a black background with the unlock dialog as i believe it should.

In both situations i can type in the password and unlock just fine, just randomly it seems to not display the unlock dialog.

I tried to figure out if there were any specific conditions to reproduce this issue. I would suspend, resume, suspend, resume, over and over again without changing anything, and it really does seem to be random, i dont understand that!