Ok, I want to install Ubuntu 7.10, or 8.04 on this machine:
Tochiba Satellite 1730
700MHz Processor
10GB HDD, 1 partition, NTFS
2.4GHz 108.11G Hawking SkyHawk Wireless PC Card.
Windows 98SE Pre-installed version.
CD Drive is non-functional.
Drive is non functional
I have a external Logitech trackball mouse installed on PS/2 slot, via USB-to-PS/2 adapter.
I CAN use SD cards, via an adapter plugged into the USB 1 slot.
New Power cord.
RAM cannot be upgraded anymore.
I have not been able so far to get an external DVD drive working, and the BIOS will not recognize it.
As far as i know, the BIOS cannot boot off of anything other than the internal CD drive, the floppy drive, and the HDD.
13 inch screen
max resolution is 800x600
annoying low refresh rate on screen, everything has a trail.

Ok. I want to install Ubuntu on this machine. I have another PC running Ubuntu 7.10 (specs in signature), the only version of Windows I would ever install permanently, and of my will, is XP, and we do not have an extra copy of that. As I said, I do not have a CD drive, internal, or external, that I could boot a Live CD off of. I can download an ISO, but it will take 3&1/2 hours (I will do it, though.). Wubi will not work, I do not have enough RAM. I need a way to install Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance.