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Thread: 8.04 horrible static, do I have to go back to 7.10?!

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    Angry 8.04 horrible static, do I have to go back to 7.10?!

    Hi everyone

    I have been having sound problems for the past two days now, and they have just gotten worse. I have loud static coming out of both of my speakers, and it starts when the load screen comes up and the progress bar hits the 3rd cube under the Ubuntu logo. I did NOT have this problem in 7.10!

    My card is a SB Live CT4871

    1) I have tried changing the user permissions for the pulse options in system>prefs>users

    2) I have tried to recompile ALSA, but to no avail as I get a kernal error stating "Bad luck, the kernel headers for the target kernel version could not be found and you did not specify other valid kernel headers to use"

    I don't really know how to fix it since I'm still learning the ropes - but I do know that I now hate pulse, that is for sure. I have looked at other threads and nothing has worked so far, please help!!

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    Re: 8.04 horrible static, do I have to go back to 7.10?!

    Same issue here, but heres the odd part. I formatted and went back to 7.10, and now it's doing it in 7.10 too

    This is a dual-boot system, SBlive 5.1, and the sound works fine in XP. It's only in Ubuntu that I'm having sound issues.

    Note: Total Linux Newbie here for the most part. I was told by someone in a skypecast it might be a driver issue. How would I verify that and fix it, if it's the case? Also why did it work fine after the first install, but after the upgrade and reinstall/format it's still acting up? Seems very odd to me.
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