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Thread: Should I partion large data drives?

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    Should I partion large data drives?

    I just ordered two 500GB WD SATA hard drives and a Syba SD-SATA-4P SATA PCI controller card for my home server.

    Should I partition the drives? They both will be used only to store files on the file server (Ubuntu will be kept on the 30GB drive), I have no reason to do RAID as all the files already have backups in the form of CDs, DVDs, and other computers, and I prefer to have the extra storage vs. improved speed.

    Would there be any performance or reliability improvement by partitioning the drives and making multiple smaller drives? I can't think of any, but I'm still fairly new to Linux so I thought I would ask. I use Samba to do the file sharing. I might run a mail server and/or personal ftp server in the future, and again, only the data/files will be stored on these drives, not the actual programs.

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    Re: Should I partion large data drives?

    No, don't partition them. Create a LVM volume that spans both drives. It's not RAID, it's a single logical volume that spans multiple physical drives. It can be expanded later, too, if you get more drives. 2 500gig drives will give you nearly 1TB of storage, especially if you use XFS or ReiserFS (Hans' legal troubles notwithstanding).


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