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Thread: XMMS Deb Packages Here!

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    XMMS Deb Packages Here!

    I keep tripping over people requesting xmms player for various reasons where Audacious just does not cut it. I'm not sure what prompted the removal of xmms and bmp from the Hardy repos, but in the meantime, there are deb packages of xmms available. Thanks to fellow forum member JimmyHopkins for the tip.

    Go to this web address:

    On the left hand side, expand the "Published as" menu and click on your architecture ("xmms 1:1.2.10+20070601-1 in i386 (Release)" for example)

    This will send you to a page with a deb package under the heading "File download" along with a list of dependencies.

    Hope this proves useful.

    UPDATE: The AMD64 Deb the above link points to is faulty, but Temüjin was nice enough to Provide a solution. Thanks Temüjin!

    UPDATE: Forums member Mariuz has kindly made .debs for Ibex available here. I have not tested these, so use them at your own risk. If someone tries Mariuz's packages, please post your experiences at the end of this thread. Thanks Mariuz!
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