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Thread: A few minor-ish problems preventing me from staying with Ubuntu

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    A few minor-ish problems preventing me from staying with Ubuntu

    So, this is my third or fourth attempt at going to Linux and every time there seems to be something wrong. Usually incompatibility with the video card or something. I REALLY love Ubuntu and want to stay with it, but it's hard to do when things aren't working. So I'm going to list the few big problems I'm having and hope I can get some answers so I don't have to stick with Windows another 6 months before attempting the next release.

    1. Video card. Always seems to be a problem. This time it works better than most, and the restricted drivers are available for my ATI HD2400 Mobile in this Toshiba A200-TJ9 laptop. Though full screen applications flicker and it doesn't live up to its full potential. For example, games won't work at the graphics they're supposed to, or Blender won't work at all. I've never had a video card work with Linux, and this time I'm so close, but it's not there yet. I've also had problems with games (ie, Guild Wars) that are supposed to work under Wine, but don't want to. Video card related? Any ideas?

    2. This is an odd one. When using the Live CD before installing Ubuntu, it recognized my DVD-RW/HDDVD-ROM drive (the model being the Toshiba TS-L802A) and was all good. Once installed, however, and after I rebooted, the drive was no longer there. Didn't recognize it at all. I researched it and find people either have this problem, or the more popular problem of it not recognizing certain discs and saying they are blank when they aren't. I couldn't seem to find a solution for the problem of it not being recognized, and apparently some people run Linux (Ubuntu included) with it being recognized fine.

    3. Sound. I have sound - usually. Booting has sound, videos have sound, but when running games the sound is a little faulty. aMSN won't have sound. Sound seems to come and go as it pleases. And if it does come, it's usually not in the best quality. It seems to be an ATI HDMI sound output or something or other. I'm playing music from my external now and it seems to be fine as well. So for the most part, it seems to work, but usually it's a little sketchy.

    I have an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and ran the 64-bit edition of Ubuntu previously. Now I had similar problems as I mentioned above, and I previously thought that it was because there wasn't as much support or as good of support for 64-bit Ubuntu yet. Is this true or would problems with the 64-bit edition also be in the 32-bit edition? Noteably running 32-bit applications/games under Wine. Because I would personally love to run the 64-bit edition instead.

    Thanks in advance for any help. Let me know if you need any more information about my hardware. I'm newish to Linux but have a pretty fair idea of how it works and where to get info on hardware, use commands, etc.

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    Re: A few minor-ish problems preventing me from staying with Ubuntu

    hmmmm, this is a Ubuntu forum, but I'd suggest you to try out Fedora. I tried both and I had less "issues" with Fedora.


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