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Thread: 8.04 did work but only the once...

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    Re: 8.04 did work but only the once...

    Quote Originally Posted by geemcd View Post
    Is it be possible to remove windows and keep linux when you've installed it with wubi? they are on separate partitions so I'd just have to tell it to boot off linux partition?
    No. In the Wubi scenario the Linux root filesystem and swap space aren't on separate disk partitions, they are inside NTFS files. If you delete the NTFS partition, you lose the Linux data too. You could delete all of the files except the Windows boot loader pieces and the C:\Ubuntu directory, but I don't think Wubi has any tools to make expanding the the Linux file and the filesystem inside to use the freed up space easy. It could probably be done, but it would be very hard.

    However, it's not trivial to to expand a Linux filesystem stored directly in an actual Linux partition to cover an entire disk after deleting a windows partition, either. You'd have to boot something like the Gparted Live CD, remove the windows partition, move the Linux partition, expand the Linux partition, expand the filesystem in the partition to use the extra space, and probably re-initialize the boot loader. You can remove some of the complexity in this scenario if you can copy the Linux filesystem off to an external hard drive temporarily.

    Really, in any dual-boot scenario by far the easiest way to usurp the entire disk is going to be
    1) save your important data
    2) a complete reinstall from scratch
    3) copy back your important data

    Wubi is great for situations where you can't or don't want to repartition, and I use it myself sometimes, but it's not easy to change course afterwards.

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    Re: 8.04 did work but only the once...

    Hmm. I just had a look in my windows partition and not a trace of linux except something in the root called wubildr and wubildr.mbr

    After that and just to be smug I booted windows and looked in the Linux partition and everything seems to be there...

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