And frankly, I'm disappointed that they dumped Firefox 3 Beta on us without giving us a choice. It lacks plugin compatibility (at least for the ones I use most often) and asks for feedback for testing? WTH?! I recall LTS being Long Term Stable. Not Beta or a platform for testing a 3rd party's application!

I hope I can get 2.0.14 back because until 3 gets stable, it's history. I needed those plugins to keep bookmarks and other stuff synced with my other machines.

The upgrade went pretty good however, so that wasn't a bust there. I downloaded an .iso first just in case, and then let the system upgrade itself. Figured if there was going to be a glitch or problem somewhere I'd at least have the .iso file for backup.

Only real glitch that I ran into was the loss of sound after the upgrade. A quick search of the main forums brought that back though.

All in all, upgrade went well but I'm leaving the jury out for the time being until I see just what all this latest version has to offer that makes it better than 7.10.