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Thread: Permission on formatted hard disk

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    Permission on formatted hard disk

    I have formatted a secondary hard disk for the first time.

    Now, when i try to write something on the disk, appears that I don't have the permission.


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    Re: Permission on formatted hard disk

    Hi there,

    That's standard practice. You have to decide who gets to do what on the new filesystem, and until then, root typically gets write access (and it's probably world-readable).

    If you're the only user of your computer, sudo chown roman10: /path/to/mount/point might be appropriate. You may wish to remove world readability (eg sudo chmod o-r /path/to/mount/point). What to do is entirely up to you. That's all assuming you're using a proper (ie non-Microsoft) filesystem (eg Ext3, JFS, and so on). Microsoft filesystems don't support octal permissions, so access control has to be handled differently in those cases.


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