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Thread: wpa was working fine...not anymore

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    [solved] wpa was working fine...not anymore


    i have an acer laptop with an atheros wifi card.
    i managed to get it working perfectly with wpa security using WICD manager and wpasupplicant.

    everything was going well until the last time i turned off the computer.

    yesterday i turned it on and it wouldn't connect. it can see the network, and everything else is in place (configs), but it simply won't authenticate.

    i don't know what could've changed, because i'm sure i didn't change anything, and as i said, it was working perfectly..

    any advice appreciated..

    running ubuntu gutsy
    atheros wifi card
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    Re: wpa was working fine...not anymore

    well i just wanted to say that i managed to work things out, although i couldn't find a reasonable explanation to my problem except that either WICD or wpasupplicant were in a "hanging" state.

    what happened was i checked the static ip box in the preferences tab in WICD, and tried to connect and walla, it did. i then removed the static ip check and went back to roaming, and.. walla, as if nothing happened..

    all i can say is .. walla again..and here's to "trial and error"

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