I guess my SAMSUNG SyncMaster 793MG was not supported by Ubuntu 8.04. To my surprise, in Ubuntu 8.04 Beta, there is something built-in app called Screen & Graphics. But now, in Ubuntu 8.04 final, it's all done by auto detection. Which it should be able to detect my monitor SAMSUNG SyncMaster 793MG couple it up with my VGA card NVIDIA Geforce 6500

You see, Ubuntu is a great Linux. To be honest, I want to see Ubuntu doing well in recognizing wide selection of hardware and also providing an option for the users, to select the nearest hardware model, so that I won't have limited resolution at 640x480 like this:-

I love Ubuntu, seriously. You can go to my blog at http://hanief.blogspot.com

To all the Ubuntu 8.04 dev, I hope you guy can do something. Let's make it easier by mouse-clicking and not by typing and editing the .conf files. Thanks in advance.