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Thread: dolphin error on exit never fixed for me - any suggs?

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    Re: dolphin error on exit never fixed for me - any suggs?

    I know all about gksudo with graphical apps from my Ubuntu comp. What I'm talking about is just launching dolphin regularly (via the panel launcher or whatever), using it and then exiting... then I get the error message.

    I'm assuming you're not suggesting I run dolphin in root all the time. That would be somewhat silly.
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    Re: dolphin error on exit never fixed for me - any suggs?

    What I was trying to say was that the error will come up whether or not you're launching dolphin as root. In fact, the error will actually only come up when you *aren't* launching as root, since that's when you won't have sufficient permissions.

    The problem is caused by improperly launching dolphin once, and it will continue to give you problems until you fix the permissions.

    From the phrasing on your post, it seemed that you hadn't yet tried resetting the permissions on the bookmarks file. Therefore, I was suggesting that you do so. If you follow good sudo-ing procedures, then you won't have to deal with it again.
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