Okay, I'm not sure which section to post this question, but since I first noticed it after upgrading to 8.04 I'll post it here.

I can't get to my BIOS setup. When I try, it gives me an error saying "System Authentication Failed
Press Escape to Continue..."

So naturally I press escape which brings me to the grub boot loader. So this isn't terrible as my computer is still implements runnable (sorry, to much Java) but it is annoying.

I can't see how anything I've done will have changed anything with the BIOS. I'm sure I could still go into the setup menu with 7.10.

I'm running an IBM Thinkpad T41. I upgraded to 8.04 using the upgrade button as opposed to clean install.

p.s. The reason that I want to go into the BIOS setup is to boot from usb. If someone knows of an easier way to this than by fixing my computer I might be satisfied with that.