Hello people,

I have a small wired Ethernet network at home (4 PCs on Feisty, plus a laser printer on a print server, all connected across three floors via cable, and simple ethernet switches) which networks without any problem whatsoever, using ssh. Setting up was a breeze, even for me who needs to learn as I go. It really was more or less a case of plug-and-play.

Now I've had to buy a minimac for the kids, for school, and I want to get it on the network so we can share files and printers. I thought it would be just as straight-forward.

Now, plugging the minimac into a spare port on a switch, the mac gets onto the internet (so it's connected to the router) and is listed on the Ubuntu machines if I do Places -> Network. I can also ping it. But if I click on the listed icon for the mac, from Places -> Network, a window opens, saying ' Connecting to Minimac, please wait'; this window stays open for about 25 seconds, and then closes with no further message -and without connecting me to the minimac.

From the mac I've given read/write permissions appropriately (I think)- using the Sharing menu under System Preferences- and I also turned file sharing on, with SMB and FTP as well, in frustration and for good measure. But from the mac I can't even see the other PCs.

I think I'm missing something essential- grateful for pointers.