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Thread: Hardy Install

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    Hardy Install

    Hi everyone I have just installed Hardy Heron, and it was a pretty easy install. But I do have a problem with it not loading up when i reboot my computer after the install. I'm new to linux and Ubuntu. Most of the things I do is from the GUI. I am able to load the log-on screen, but after i load it and enter through I get the start-up music then I get error messages that says something like:

    Unable to start Gnome Panel Applet (Error code: 3)


    Unable to start Nautilus File Manager.

    And my screen stays brown and i'm not able to do anything.

    I am able to go into failsafe Gnome mode and everything seems to work just fine. I have searched the forms, and found entries for the same type of errors, but the solutions seem not to work in my situation.



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    Re: Hardy Install

    Welcome to the Arkansas Team discussion area! Great to hear from you!

    1. Did you download the release version late in the week, or an earlier pre-release version? If it's not the release version you might want to download and burn the final release version and try it too. (also see #2)

    2. What happens when you boot and run Ubuntu from the live CD? Does it behave differently? If it does, it might just have been a glitch on the install, and you might try installing again from scratch.

    If you still are having trouble after trying these things, feel free to come back, but you'll get more responses if you ask your question again in one of the more general discussion areas, especially the Installation and Upgrades forum.
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