I just did a clean install of Hardy Heron from Gutsy. It seems to me that Hardy is sluggish compared to either Gutsy or Feisty. EVen worse if you upgrade a Gutsy to Hardy, the whole system just slows down, which is the reason I did the fresh install. Also, fonts are not as nice as it was in Gutsy, what happened. Apps like Login Window, Network, etc either open up a minute or 2 after or go to a black hole. Applets on the panel disappear and reappear, my trash outlet keeps disappearing and reappearing (I combined both upper and lower panels) Firefox 3 does not want to cooperate, tabs either open or close. My ipod is not anymore recognized by banshee which was resolved in gutsy in the Removable Drives and Media, but now the Ipod icon is not there, even choosing it in Nautilus->Preference->Media does not work.

What gives, this is suppose to be an improvement.