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Thread: Play embedded video on web in external player

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    Play embedded video on web in external player

    I just did a fresh install of 8.04, but it never dawned on me that FF 3 came with it. For a website I subscribe to, they go through a company called Jump TV. The video that is streamed is embedded into a webpage, and when loading up that page in FireFox, nothing happens. I used to use an extension called Embedded, which would let me see the links of any embedded video, so I could launch it with whichever media player I wanted. But, that extension isn't available for FF3.

    The media that is embedded in Windows Media. The url for it usually ends in swf, so that means (and I could be wrong), that it's embedded in some sort of Flash player built into the site.

    Any suggestions on getting this to work?


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    Re: Play embedded video on web in external player

    You could manually download the extension (the .xpi file)and hack it (edit the install.rdf) to work with firefox 3
    An Example of what to look for to edit
    <!-- FireFox -->
    Replace 2.0.* with 3.0.* save and then manually install and it will work in most cases with firefox3
    All you need to edit the .rdf is gedit and the archive manager fileroller.


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