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Thread: Hardy DVD picture plays - NO sound

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    Unhappy Hardy DVD picture plays - NO sound

    Howdy! I installed 8.04 and have been trying to get DVD playback enabled. I have followed all of the advice I can find in the forums and on Google. I have installed every gstreamer code that I can find and the w32codecs, etc...

    As a result, I can now view the picture of the DVD - it looks great. But I have no sound. Sound works on my computer, I've been rocking out to Guns 'n Roses on Pandora. I closed the tab with Pandora in it before I launched the VLC to watch the movie, too, to avoid sound card conflict issues.

    Any ideas on what to do?

    EDIT: I'm sorry I posted this issue twice - I did a search on my username and the first one didn't show up - I assumed I'd some how failed to actually post it and made a new one. Then I realized the reason why it didn't show up was because the search I did had results that were older than the new post. I apologize for wasting space - if there's a way to delete this post, that'd be great.
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