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Thread: [SOLVED] Need to move "Partition: /usr" contents if possible.

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    Arrow [SOLVED] Need to move "Partition: /usr" contents if possible.

    Xubuntu 7.10 but I'm sure that that doesn't matter.

    I re-installed Xubuntu yesterday and with different partitions. I found that I had a lot of wasted space in my home partition as I use my second HD for stuff I create/save like documents, images pdf files etc.

    So yesterday with the Alt CD I reinstalled Xfce creating:

    10.00G = fat32 - dos (now deleted)
    65.21G = Extended Partition with the following Logical Partitions
    10.0G = / - shows as: 9.31G = "BOOT"
    30.0G = /home - shows as: 27.94G
    28.5G = /usr - shows as: 26.53
    01.5G = swap - shows as: 1.43G

    Thinking that /usr was a partition for a "user" I quickly learned that it is the /usr folder from the root partition

    So here's the questions;

    Can I "move" the contents of that partition to the root partition and recover that partition for myself?


    Do I have to re-install at least the root and recover that partition through the Partition Editor while installing?

    If I have to "reinstall" can I do it this way:

    All Primary Partitions

    10.00G = Primary Partition - BOOT (nothing on it; for W2K at some point I feel like installing, it because my ISP doesn't support Linux)
    10.0G = /
    30.0G = /home
    28.5G = /something for me to use
    01.5G = swap - shows as: 1.43G

    I have the SuperGRUB Disk so I'm not to worried about installing W2K "after" Linux.

    Any help appreciated.
    Have a Nice Day
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