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Thread: 3d effects on hardy ati x1250

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    3d effects on hardy ati x1250

    I have just installed hardy heron on my hp6515b laptop and 3d effects are not working. On the beta 3 release, which i had installed too, i just had to click Extra on the Appearance>Effects whereupon it downloaded a package called xorg-driver-fglrx and installed it and i had 3d effects running. By the way i have noticed that the advanced desktop effects settings arent there in the appearence menu as they used to be in the beta. do i have to install compiz before it will work? since they had fixed it in the beta, i had expected it to be running on the stable release. Can someone help?

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    Re: 3d effects on hardy ati x1250

    Compiz nowadays reject laptops with ati cards, so you'll likely need to force it to start. Anyway, to make sure, could you post the terminal output of the following command?
    $ compiz --replace &

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    Re: 3d effects on hardy ati x1250

    well it isn't required anymore. I noticed that the restricted driver for fglrx wasn't loaded and thus it couldn't do it after i enabled the driver the thing works just fine.

    I had tried compiz replace but the thing defaulted to metacity repeatedly.

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