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Thread: Ubuntu blows (at least for me at the moment)

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    Cool Re: Ubuntu blows (at least for me at the moment)

    Then patients is the key... why are we still having the conversation. Anyone can get the CD write to their do... OR if you insist on your special version, then you can have a friend burn one for you. I am sure there is someone near by with a cd burner that can spare the, what, 200mb basic install and then you can install what ever you like from there. That's what I did when my cdrom drive was freaking out and now working. (I have a computer that 100mhz faster then yours with no cd-burner usb boot ability.)
    I would love to see this conversation as over.
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    Re: Ubuntu blows (at least for me at the moment)

    you can install linux with unetbootin - no need for CD

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