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Thread: Problems After Upgrading to Hardy

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    Re: Problems After Upgrading to Hardy

    I had sound issues in my laptop, the same issues I had with gutsy. (No sound at all)
    I ended up manually removing Pulse and all of the alsa and audio modules and recompiling alsa from scratch.
    Its a bit of an excessive method to get it working and it completely destroys pulse audio but sound now works perfectly.
    I effectively have the same audio setup I had in gutsy.

    Out of interest if you boot from the hardy live CD do you get audio?
    If you do then it might be a config issue where your previous config has messed up during the upgrade.

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    Re: Problems After Upgrading to Hardy

    I have an dell inspiron 1525 and had a working 7.10 + linux backport package installed to make sound work.
    After a distro upgrade sound wasn't recognized anymore (I have a ICH8 (rev02)).
    Someone on the forum had the same issues and sound chipset and mentioned installing the RT kernel-image and the RT modules .(rt stands for Realtime).
    What I can recall of the thread was it had more to do with the modules than the created kernel.
    I do not know what the downside of this kernel is, but I installed both the modules and the kernel image and the sound was back again. (linux-image-rt and linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.XX....)

    Another way to get sound back was to select during boot (from the GRUB menu) the older kernel version in stead of the latest.

    My guess is that both solutions are a workaround because even in the normal kernel an modules combination sound should work!
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    Re: Problems After Upgrading to Hardy


    I managed to get mine working in the end, I think my problems were that I had tried so many different things (and must have forgot to put back to how it was), so in the end I restored my dell image and did a fresh upgrade and then followed the Dell Wikis 8.04 upgrade info and it all works.

    Just waiting for my install script to complete installing all my apps

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