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Thread: Compiz Fusion on PowerBook G4

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    Re: Compiz Fusion on PowerBook G4

    Didn't work. Sorry

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    Re: Compiz Fusion on PowerBook G4

    did you restart the X server after editing the xorg.conf?

    ubuntu have not dropped powerpc. the have stopped official support, and moved the ISOs and debs to the ports server. hardy is a pretty good release on powerpc. there is good community here (should get better if the mod split powerpc and macintels back into separate forums).

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    Re: Compiz Fusion on PowerBook G4

    Quote Originally Posted by SunnyRabbiera View Post
    Remember with ubuntu power PC was dropped, in fact many distributions have dropped support for Power PC.
    Testing my Ubuntu spirit, right?

    As a Debian-Lenny user on my G5 iMac, you might find it odd that I can say touting only the "corporate" line from Canonical in no way helps those of us that want to run the "community" (aka users AND devs) versions of Ubuntu which are readily available.

    By all means try Debian, Gentoo, Fedora, and all the others that provide community-based ppc support, but I think it would be of little use to say that all their problems would be solved by just jumping to another distro.

    As an example, let's take a look at the Debian-PPC port archives:

    Enough has been said on this topic that there is no need to continue, and I'm sure that many are pretty tired of reading the same old arguments over and over.

    Please, as a Debian-user, it does not help the ppc community as a whole to merely state that jumping to another distro will magically fix all your problems. We need unity, NOT division.
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