I am running Ubuntu Hardy, 8.04, Wubi installed within WindowsXP. I have used Hardy since the Alpha 5 release, I have always used a Wubi installation, and Amarok has always been able to pick up all of the music on my windows drive. I did a clean install for the official 8.04 release, and now Amarok is not recognizing some of my music, most notably my music by the artist Sigur Rós. I think this may be because of the weird O in the band's name. Nautilus is also unable to find my Sigur Rós folder in my host directory. I have never had this problem before, but the way the host directory is recognized is different in the final release of Hardy than it was in the Alpha releases. Can anyone think of a way to solve this problem for both Amarok and Nautilus without doing a proper install on a different partition?

Thanks in advance.