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Thread: VIA Chrome9 Beta Driver Released! WOOT!

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    Re: VIA Chrome9 Beta Driver Released! WOOT!

    I installed VIA chrome9 HC driver and it's compiz compatible. Cube rotation and most stuff works (excluding some exceptions).

    driver is not in whitelist and all u need to skip checks...


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    Re: VIA Chrome9 Beta Driver Released! WOOT!

    Quote Originally Posted by starcannon View Post
    Holy Cow Batman! Could it be?
    VIA is releasing compiz capable drivers?
    Check it out here
    My problem is I can't see Ubuntu well enough to download the driver and install it. I did dl it but in my windoze os. What is the procedure for me to dl it from root in ubuntu and the procedure to install it from root? I think I can at least get to root.

    SOLVED: I was able to see well enough to transfer the chrome9.83-242-u804 to my desktop in ubuntu. I then shutdown and booted into the root and installed the driver from there. So far it is working well. I am now going for the compiz 3d and see what happens.
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