Hi All,

I posted on here a couple of weeks ago, and have been tearing my hair out for a solution, even trying different distros. I have read thread after thread and am absolutely clueless as to why I cannot get it working.

Basically, the problem is that when the ATI ubuntu open source driver is selected the monitor will display "no signal" or "input not supported" after the bootsplash (log-in screen). I have tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, edited the xorg.conf manually trying different things to no avail.

I can only get ubuntu working with the "vesa" driver, which wouldn't bother me but the only resolution I can get is 1280xsomething rather than the 1440x900 which my monitor needs. The monitor is an aceral1916w - I don't think that is the cause of the problem but it may contribute to it?

I really don't know what else to try - somebody suggested this may be the problem on another forum:

well, I hauled my 8500 back out of storage and hooked it up to the computer that is still up for sale... and um... yeah, something odd with the ATi driver, screen just goes black.

The problem seems to be that the X.org Core and kernel received and update, but the existing X.org ATi driver did not.

The difference in X.org also means that the 8.28 driver won't load... it throws a hissy fit.

So... anybody with the talent to package a more recent version of the X.org ATi driver?
Do you think this could be the case? But then surely more people would be experiencing this problem. I remember a while back trying ubuntu 5.(something) and I definitely had beryl working and 3d effects. All I want for now is my 1440x900 resolution!

Any help/suggestions appreciated - I just want to get it working so I can tweak everything how I would like it because I am literally tearing my hair out.