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Thread: Hardy Fail.

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    Hardy Fail.

    Ok, so yesterday I was just going to upgrade to Hardy Heron but the servers were too swamped. Not wanting to wait I just decided to do a fresh install. Got the iso (finally), made the cd, installed...and it was all screwed up. Everything was fine after the initial reboot, but after restarting it again later the whole screen just came up scrambled and I could do nothing with it. The desktop wouldn't even respond to a Ctrl+Alt+Backspace restart.
    Is this something common with Hardy? I'm using an older computer (Dell Optiplex Gx150 with 512 RAM and an Intel 82815 graphics controlller),however everything worked fine with Gutsy (which I've since reinstalled).
    I'm thinking once the mobs clear out maybe I should just try an upgrade again (at this point the repositories are still so swamped I cant even get Gutsy updates for my fresh install) but I'm thinking if its going to be the same nonsense with Hardy after an upgrade I shouldn't even bother.
    Any feedback on how I might fix the problem with Hardy would be very much appreciated.
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    Re: Hardy Fail.

    Did redownloading the ISO make a difference? Does the Live CD start? Any update to your problem?

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    Re: Hardy Fail.

    My luck with upgrades has been about 50/50. Half the time they work fine, the other half I end up doing a fresh install.

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    Re: Hardy Fail.

    Hardy seems to work better for most people. Though I went back to Gutsy..

    I'll wait til more bugs get sorted out.
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