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First you need to know whats you card.
lspci or lshw should tell you.

then you should backup the files you change so you can later put them back via terminal.

you should install, via synaptics, the Compiz configuration settings manager so you can adjust the effects, just look for compiz.

the easier way to get compiz is with the workaround:

Add "SKIP_CHECKS=yes" to either /etc/xdg/compiz/compiz-manager or ~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager

sudo gedit /etc/xdg/compiz/compiz-manager
then go to system > preferences > appearance > visual effect

and try to turn on compiz by clicking on normal, if it works it will ask you if you want to keep the configuration, here you can see if your desktop is ok or if is half a desktop (like what happened to me, if that happens choose to go back to previous configuration and then you will have to edit your xorg.conf file).

note that the workaround, from what i gathered only works up to 1024x768 screen resolution, beyond that you will have to edit the xorg.conf file.

note also some users, after enabling compiz, have lost video output.
Wow...the work around works perfectly!! Now I just need to make compiz do the cool stuff I want it to!! Thanks!