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Thread: Getting Windows Wireless drivers working in 10 steps

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    Talking Getting Windows Wireless drivers working in 10 steps

    I had a little "Intrepid" story last night. It was about 4 o'clock and I thought I was an Hero. I made an upgrade to 8.10 Alpha 4 system. The fact is that I couldn't boot after this. So I gave up and reinstalled Hardy Heron. I had to do the same configurations again. But that's just a a poetic introduction. It suddenly came to my mind to explain like i did in so many threads how to get connected through Windows Wireless Drivers.

    1. So let's do this in simple steps. Imagine that you have just installed Ubuntu:

    2. You have to be connected with an wired connection or you have will have to download things apart. (not a big deal)

    3. Go at System -> Administration -> Software Sources -> Third-Party Software and check every boxes there

    4. Go at System -> Administration -> Synaptic Packages Manager and search for ndisgtk. Mark that for installation and apply it.

    5. If you want to know your wireless card you can type

      at the terminal. Go at the last line of the ouput where you have the Network controller:. Your wireless card is the "blah blah" next to it. In my case, a Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01). Now you can google that or search for your pc network drivers. (easiest way I think)

    6. In both cases you will get an .exe file which you can extract at the terminal using the unzip command:

      cd <dir where the file is>
      unzip <file>
      or the cabextract command:

      cd <dir where the file is>
      cabextract <file>
    7. After this, go here: System -> Administration -> Hardware drivers and check the box there to enable your wireless card which can be restricted.

    8. At System -> Administration -> Windows Wireless drivers you can add the .inf file located at the folder where you have extracted the .exe file. And if it says "Hardware present: yes" then...

    9. just reboot you pc and...

    10. Voilá

    Hope this has been helpful...

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    Re: Getting Windows Wireless drivers working in 10 steps

    Great guide, worked perfectly for me. Thanks!

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