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Thanks for this post. I was installing Hardy via wireless with no wired connection and (of course) lost my internet connection during the installation (very frustrating). Fortunately this laptop had windows on it so I was able to piece it together and got it working with your instructions.

Oddly enough, after I got things working again I found similar notes in my old Gutsy installation memory joggers, but I forgot to look there first.
Anyway, a suggestion that might help out real newbies: Either change step 5 to read:
sudo gedit /etc/init.d/wirelessfix.sh &
and/or remind them to save and close gedit before accomplishing step 7. Otherwise they will return to the original terminal window to enter the command but it will still be awaiting the closure of gedit before it will do anything else. I understand this is pretty basic stuff but I can imagine when I was new to ubuntu not really understanding all the basics and getting hung up here.

Thanks again for helping getting my broadcom working again.

Thanks for your suggestion. I was in my rush to go to bed as I needed to take a rest early for my work in the next morning. I have just amended my post according to your suggestion. Thank you very much for your reply indeed.

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Alex Kent