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Thread: 8.04 upgrade ATI fglrx driver does not load

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    Well, I am making a little progress. I reinstalled the mesa dri packages. Removed the /etc/ati folder. Then re-enabled the proprietary driver. (I think that's what I did anyway). So now, I am able to get the fglrxinfo to work, BUT I have this AMD Testing use only thing down in the bottom right of my screen. I can't get rid of it! Doing a complete reinstall of the fglrx driver now. At least I am making progress
    I think, for a good time, I will back up all my data and rebuild this little monster. It's a dual boot with XP and I never go into xp anymore. Start nice and fresh maybe.

    Even with little probs, I still love Ubuntu.

    Used apt-get purge xorg-driver-fglrx and reinstalled it. This put back some of the necessary files in the /etc/ati folder.
    Edited my xorg.conf file and Enabled composite, then enabled desktop effects under Settings->preferences->appearance
    Everything is working now with the closed source driver.
    I think some of this issue was due to a canceled install of the most recent fglrx driver from AMD by building my own debs.

    I have to turn off compositing when playing games like nexuiz, but that's ok, I don't play that often.

    Happy now.
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    Re: 8.04 upgrade ATI fglrx driver does not load

    I Just wanted to confirm that it seems this line alone worked for me:
    sudo apt-get remove xserver-xgl --purge
    It seems I had xgl installed and created a conflict.

    Not that I think this had any effect, but before running that command, I went into System -> Admin -> Hardware Drivers and unchecked ATI Restricted Driver. I then removed xserver-xgl with the code above, and rechecked my ATI proprietary driver.

    My system works as good as before now.

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