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Thread: Ati mobility 9700 with Heron Lockup

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    Ati mobility 9700 with Heron Lockup

    Ive just upgraded from gutsy to heron and when I tried to log in again it locks up at random times when the x server starts (i havent even got to see gnome load yet).
    So i tried to remove the ati restricted drivers which made no change.
    I then tried to fix the xorg file by creating a new one using the xfix and also manually with dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg. Both of which didnt help.
    I tried to then install the ati restricted driver again with apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx. Same problem again.
    Ive even tried the ati drivers off the ati website which also didnt help.
    So i downloaded the live cd with my main pc and tried that and it also crashes on the boot. It makes the boot sound and then freezes. I can still move the cursor but nothin else happens.

    When I look at the xorg file with vi or nano all i get under the device section is:

    Section "Device"
    Identifier "Configured Video Device"

    The old xorg files i used to see had information about the graphics card.

    Can any1 help me to fix this please?

    System Specs:
    Acer Aspire 2026WLMi laptop
    Intel Centrino processor
    512mb ram
    Ati mobility 9700 128MB

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    Re: Ati mobility 9700 with Heron Lockup

    I just got onto the desktop with the live CD and then it went into a black screen and couldnt do anything again.

    I can get the system working in low resolution mode with VESA but if I try to use the open source or propriety driver it just hangs.

    Was working fine in gibbon
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