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Thread: 7.04 root logins

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    Exclamation 7.04 root logins

    Hi All,
    I have just installed ubuntu 7.04 onto one of my pc's and some of the menu items i need access to arent displayed in the user i created when i installed ubuntu, i need to use the root login for gdm in order to be able to add these items. Now before any of you tell me, i know its not advised to use root on a graphical login, but i need to, I am totally aware of the risks involved.
    Also when i try to create a passwd for root using
    sudo passwd root
    nothing happens at all. so please help asap anyone

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    Re: 7.04 root logins

    hi there,
    instead of doing sudo passwd root
    do sudo su to get into root first
    then do 'passwd' (root password is changed if no user is specified)

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    Re: 7.04 root logins

    I tried
    sudo su
    and nothing happened, it just went back to the command prompt, not su


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