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Thread: Screen Resolution

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    Re: Screen Resolution

    I got mine fixed. I had to run nvidia-xconfig as root, then edit the resulting xorg.conf and add:

    Modes  "1280x1024"
    To set my monitor resolution correctly. Nvidia-xconfig wrote a more "Normal" looking xorg.conf than the one that came with Ubuntu.

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    Re: Screen Resolution

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaploink View Post
    I had the same resolution problem with the Nvidia drivers. I could only go to 640-480 max. I finally fixed it by running "sudo displayconfig-gtk" from a terminal and selecting the correct monitor. Apparently in my case, Ubuntu did not detect the monitor.
    This worked, thanks a lot!

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    Re: Screen Resolution

    With ubuntu 8.04, dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg is not the same anymore, now you can install your keybord and more with this.
    But your videocard and monitor goes like this,
    start in safe mode,
    choose the last options with the "Try to fix X-server",
    Here ubuntu will search and identify your monitor and videocard, so you have all your posssible settings.
    Then reboot and install your videcard driver.(i use envy for this).

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