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this post is for people who may have the same problem as i had.

i've a Toshiba a201 with Atheros AR5007EG (named AR5006EG in gusty) now name AR242x in hardy.

anyway, to make it work:

- disable both restricted drivers in System > Adminstration > Hardware drivers

- install ndiswrapper in the add/remove window

- download the .inf from the XP driver at : http://blakecmartin.googlepages.com/...-32-0.2.tar.gz

- open a terminal and type this command : sudo ndisgtk

- select the net5211.inf file and "enter"

- it should now work

i hope this help.
Thank you for the post this helped me set up my wireless.

My system is an Acer Aspire 5520 64 bit Hardy.